From 30th September to 3rd October in Gijón (Asturias), we propose an agenda about the preservation of documentary heritage as an essential part of working memory and of the place. Archives of the company, libraries and documentary heritage of industrialization are the subject of study and debate. Old companies and social organizations, with strong tradition, that have historical sources of data to be used for local and social use, that compose a part of the value chain, from its strengths as public or private entity. Administrations, universities, foundations, archives, libraries are managers and custodians of many of these documents for a responsible and socially beneficial use.

XVII International Conference on Industrial Heritage 2015

The XVII International Conference of Industrial Heritage, INCUNA, Gijón 2015, whose theme is the legacy of industry: Archives, Libraries, Photolibraries company and reuse experience of heritage in documentation centers.

management of this patrimony, especially the vulnerable such as industrial patrimony is a challenge and an opportunity, with the possibility of the future in multiple aspects: New uses for old structures in unique and historic buildings as documentation centers.

Some of the themes of the course of this year 2015 turn around:

– The documentary legacy of commercial entities, industries, social groups and individuals

– Projects and Achievements in industrial historical buildings and its current or future use for document services.

– Resource centers, company archives, libraries, newspaper archives.

– Photographic libraries, museums of word and oral history, audiovisual heritage.

– Commercial documents, catalogs, corporate actions.

– The archigraphy and integration of visual elements with architecture and related aspects.

– The conception, design, organization, planning and services in documentation centers.

– Public and private archives, museums and other centers that promote the industrial past

– Scanning documents, diffusion of documentation centers related to industrial heritage, economic, social or technical history. – Technology archive and industrial processes through new technologies.

– Documentation and archives of work and workers history, social and economic events that shaped the history since the industrial revolution.

– Analysis from the point of of view the investigator and of the service provider in the archives, libraries and documentation centers.

Heritage, identity, memory, documentaries, photo exhibitions and tours around museums, archives companies, factories, heritage sites. The days INCUNA offering contrasting research, proposals, experiences, with the opportunity to establish projects and further networking and collaboration at international level.

Selected papers will be published in volume 17 of “Los ojos de la memoria“ a documentary reference memory of this international event on industrial heritage that each year have a multidisciplinary public: historians, engineers, geographers, architects, economists, cultural managers, artists, designers, tourism managers, technicians and administration officials, managers and technicians of private companies, museum curators and museum professionals, workers and citizens who have an interest to preserve, conserve, enhance and project into the future the industrial past and its material and immaterial testimonies with their work-life scenarios.


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