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    Breve C.V.:

    From Artistic Workshops to the Archaeoindustrial Museum of Terra d’Otranto in Maglie (LE). Conservation and management.

    SECTION: Conservation, security and interventions on the heritage.

    The contribution focuses on the recovery, conservation and re-functionalization of the Piccinno Brothers’Furniture Artistic Workshops; a well-known furniture factory and, since 1926, warehouse for the pre-manufacturing processing of oriental tobaccos.

    The architectural structure, located in the historic center of Maglie in the province of Lecce (Puglia), recognized as being of cultural interest in 2003, has evident stylistic features of floral taste; in fact it was designed by Adolfo Piccinno in 1919 and completed in 1922.

    After the cognitive path of the history of the factory and its clients, the well-known cabinet makers Piccinno di Maglie, a process of patrimonialization of the industrial asset was activated, aimed at recovery (the tobacco warehouse was closed in 1995), restoration and reuse by allocating the structure architecture at the Archaeoindustrial Museum of Terra d’Otranto.

    The main objective pursued by the municipal administration was to return to the local community a «monument» symbol of the industrial mesh. Work on the 1st lot began in 2009 and was completed in 2011. The restoration work was aimed at the complete recovery of the building, with the removal of the numerous superfetations created between 1960 and 1970.

    In 2015, the works of the 2nd lot began, aimed at completing the works not realized in the 1st lot and setting up the museum spaces, both multimedia and traditional, dedicated to the Terra d’Otranto industry and the industrial activities of the city by Maglie.

    The Museum will be managed by a Temporary Association of Purpose (ATS), of which AIPAI-Italian Association for Industrial Archaeological Heritage is a member.