The central theme of XII International Conference INCUNA 2010, is: “Design, Image and Creativity in the Industrial Heritage”.

International speakers and also from the various Spanish provinces will take part in the conference, which will provide the presentation of different communications, in which issues related to the following list will be exposed:

– Product design and its heritage dimension.

– Inventions and patents in Industrial History.

– Iconography and image of Industry.

– Advertisement and Brands.

– Visual culture and design.

– The Industrial Organization’s external projection and its heritage dimension.

– Aesthetics of Engineering.

– Industry’s corporative architecture.

The documentation selected will be published in a minute book as part of the collection “The eyes of memory” (“Los Ojos de la Memoria”), in its volume number 11.

The conferences on 30th and of September and 1th October 1st will be inserted within the acts related to the activities taking place at the facilities in Laboral, City of Culture in Gijón, and at the Niemeyer Cultural Center in Avilés on October 2nd with guided visits to different heritage elements that may be of interest, with an itinerary that pays tribute to the cultural recreation from scenarios that suggest and unveil the daily witnesses of our industrial past, also organize a tour to visit Arnao, a mine from the middle of the XIX century, currently involves in a remarkable project of cultural recreation of underwater mine, as well as its housing heritage.

Along the conference theme roundtable discussions will be carried out that will favour the creation of networks and experience exchanges, also common policies on big issues and research and communications will be grouped by themes for their presentation and discussion.

Information : Technical Secretary INCUNA ; Tfno/Fax 00 34 985319385 ;

ENGLISH Program XII International Conference INCUNA 2010 PDF

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