INCUNA has started the third edition of the Heritage Planning and Management course. This activity is possible with the active participation of different professionals, consults and teachers from ESARC-UIC (Barcelona) and it will take place between 1st March 2014 and 1st June 2014.

INCUNA starts the third edition of Heritage facilities: Planning and Develop online course

In later years, INCUNA has coordinated and organized courses and workshops with contents related to industrial, cultural and natural heritage and its applications in the territory management: Ponferrada and El Bierzo, Legazpi (Gipuzcoa), Barruello de Santullán, Brañosera and San Esteban de Mudá in the north of Palencia, Baños de Montemayor, Almadén, Asturias and different places from the international geography. Some of them are related with cultural cooperation programs, new technologies development in mining Spanish landscapes, projects of master plans and cultural and creative industries development in America and Europe.

The pre-registration and enrolment are already available. They may involve people across the globe, without language and residence problems. However, places are limited in each edition for quality and operative reasons. In this case, we propose some news compared to previous editions. First of all, it will be a reduction of the modules of the course, five in total, plus workshop and conclusions. That change is expected to “dynamically adjust the workload, excessive last editions, and increasing the activity during that period” said Miguel A. Alvarez, INCUNA President. The number of teachers has been increased in order to resolve interdisciplinary academic aspects and civil society initiatives in these areas.

Moreover, the course is adapted to the needs of people from the southern hemisphere, starting in March as participants proposed in last edition. The contents have been renovated from different contributions and there will be at least one America workshop to encouraging participation of country residents.

The course will emphasize how dealing with an Heritage Planning project according to the state where the cultural, natural and industrial heritage is situated, from the discovery phase in the territory to the use assignment or proposal intervention.

The experience related in these previous workshops has allowed interesting methodological advances in that issue and we will give all participants a wide bibliography about it.

The course is divided in five modules, which start with an introduction to Heritage and Landscape in Planning, continue with image development, territorial analysis methodologies, other assets, its definition and treatment and to close, methodologies for project development.


The course, will be coordinated by the geographer and Doctor in architecture, Antonio Lista and led by the economist Miguel A. Alvarez and it always include a workshop where the students can participate to analyse process and develop a first propose in an interesting possibility to diversify assets. Also, you can follow the conference through our streaming tv. The workshop can develop at the same time in different countries and always coordinate with tutors in each place.

To check videos and contents from previous editions with more information and pre-registrations in: or also you can find enrolment information in our email:

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