From September 28th to October 1st, 2011 -the XIII International Conference of Industrial Heritage- will be held in Gijón (Asturias), organized by INCUNA (Industry, Culture and Nature), an association of industrial archeology with extensive and recognition experience within the field of industrial and cultural heritage ,and entity declared of public utility, with the collaboration of various public and private institutions.

The central theme this time is «Intangible Heritage: artifacts, objects, knowledge and memory of the Industry”.

UNESCO defines «Intangible cultural Heritage» as practices, representations, expressions, knowledge, skills, as well as the instruments, objects, artifacts and cultural heritage. (Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Heritage, Paris 2003).

In the INCUNA conference 2011 will take part international speakers as well as national and local who will provide presentations of different communication, and giving occasion for panel discussions, documentary films and presentation of different communications, in which issues related to the following list will be exposed:

– Intangible in the field of Heritage of Industrialization.
– Intangible in material culture: Crafts, artifacts, ideas, architecture and art history, public works and engineering.
– Ways of seeing and understanding character’s lives of work and production.
– Cultures and working memory
– Web 2.0 and the projection of intangible heritage. Techniques and practices in the digitization, computer products and graphic recoveries, preservation and exhibition of intangible industrial heritage.
– The music, workers traditions, popular and religious celebrations. The photography and images of the industry: It reading in the world of work.
– Oral history, methodology and company cases.
– Trade unions and associations and its social involvement as a collective heritage
– Missing and current architectures as part of the intangible heritage of industry and public works
– Cultural and industrial anthropology.
– The literature of the industry: Gastronomy, education, and leisure.
– The residential housing and property as a legacy of work.

All this besides many other activities and issues of interest that can be incorporated into this huge agenda.

The selected documentation will be published in a book as part of the collection «Eyes of Memory», volume No. 12.

Also we announces the VIII Photo Contest of Industrial heritage, this time the leitmotif will be «Working memory: Objects, Artifacts, Crafts and Knowledge», with prizes, catalog and exposition of selected photos.

The congress will open on 28th of September, with conference, projection of documentaries and musical performance. The conferences of presentations and papers will be 29th, 30th of September and 1st October will develop a timetable or content, which marked route with respect to material culture and intangible heritage. Congress also has exhibitions, workshops, hearings, visits to various sites and facilities, meetings will be held at Education City of Culture in Gijón and other equipment to educational tours in different parts of the Asturian territory marked taste of intangible heritage, recalling cultural recreation of scenarios suggest and discover the daily witnesses of our industrial past, without missing an evaluation of the gastronomic heritage of the area, and the obligatory thematic and bibliographical references on the tour.

During the congress, we will have thematic roundtables with local and international cases and experiences. As usual in previous international conferences, we will try to encourage networking of associations, museums, researchers and institutions to develop programs and exchanges of experience and common policies.

New forms of management, the need for cultural managers for the new goods arising from the appreciation of industrial heritage in the world, the creation of cultural and creative industries have become a fundamental task to optimize and capitalize regional development projects where heritage plays a growing role.

The methodology, history and different approaches that are empowering for these issues are a necessary basis to promote new perspectives of cultural, economic and social development in the territories. Returning the history to the present is one of the key aspects of industrial archeology as an interdisciplinary study method, allowing also to raise awareness, learn, retain, disseminate, promote and enhance consistently the industrialization heritage, projecting to the future our past.

The first circular will be distributed in April, opening the time for sending papers, whose abstracts will be received and evaluated for the presentation before July.

People interesting in attending and participating, as well as submissions papers for the XIII International Conference INCUNA 2011 can contact us: and

Telephone/Fax 00 34 985319385

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