1 September : Demolition of the northern wing has been started in spite of thousands of protesters controlled by hundreds of policemen (see articles “The Independent”, Le Monde and FAZ)).

August: The demolition of the northern wing has hectically been advanced by the German Railway Company to create facts before the verdict in the process of Peter Dübbers, grandson of Paul Bonatz, against the Deutsche Bahn Corp.

July : Prime Minister Mappus and Lord Mayor Schuster of Stuttgart, want to demolish in 2010 the half of the historic Stuttgart Main Station, a masterpiece of 20th c. architecture

» The hugely ambitious scheme involves bulldozing most of an early 20th century railway terminal acclaimed as a monument to early Modernism «-

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the Independent.10.08.2010

Le Monde.10.08.30.



Contact: Dr. Matthias Roser


Mobilisation -Stuttgart_Hbf-Rainer_Vogler 2010-09-01

Mobilisation Stuttgart_Hbf-Rainer_Vogler-2010-08-23-

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