The 2010 Port and Industrial Heritage is the result of a direct action from the Trieste Branch of Italia Nostra to Project and promote the reuse of most historic building mitin the Free Zone in the Port of Trieste´s oldest area.

Italia Nostra is a national association dedicate to defend the historical, cultural and environmental heritage of Italy. Cooperation to suport this event has been granted by regione Friuli Venezia Giulia

This event will seek to create an opportunity for economic and architectonic análisis of urban waterfronts with special regards to the tourism flows and culture promotion:urban waterfronts play a substancial role in the proceses of urnatization in port cities around the World.

Event date International meeting : 21-22-23 Octiber 2010

Friuli Venezia- Italy

-Contact -meeting commitee: Antonella Caroli


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