As we have been doing for the last thirteen years, we would like to see you at the  XIII International Conference of Industrial Heritage. The main topic of this year is about “Intangible Heritage: artifacts, objects, knowledge and memory of the industry”.

In the XIII International Conference will take part international, national and local speakers, and we look forward to your participation as an assistant and communicating. The topics, researches and proposals will be treated interdisciplinary, as well as the effects on the intangible heritage as industrialization and industrial archaeology.

The congress will take place from September 28th to October 1st in Gijón, Asturias, and they are organized by INCUNA (Industry, Culture and Nature), an association of Industrial Archaeology dedicated to the conservation, preservation and enhancement of the industrial, cultural and natural heritage.

The activities will be developed within the framework of Laboral City of Culture with visits to different places of Asturias and other cultural equipments.

If you need more information about industrial heritage, please do not hesitate to :

Contact :  Cristina Riveros and

Program XIII International Conference INCUNA 2011 english PDF

VIII International Photography Competition _INCUNA_2011_english

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