Carlo Roccafiorita

Founder and Director of Periferica

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Breve C.V.:

Carlo Roccafiorita, 31 years old, cultural manager and entrepreneur, he is the founder and director of Periferica, where he deals with business development, fundraising, management and cultural planning. He is the creator, developer and curator of formats related to urban regeneration, including international design competitions, artistic mobility programs, summer schools, festivals and community building paths. He is director of Evocava-Museo evocativo delle Cave, Periferica Open Studio and of Casa Periferica, Community Hub and Cultural Park of Mazara del Vallo.


SECTION: Innovación social, Patrimonio y Desarrollo Territorial. Experiencias de Sostenibilidad urbano-rural, creatividad e innovación.

Periferica is an organization that promotes urban regeneration through social, cultural and artistic processes to enhance the link between communities and territories. We help public and private subjects towards the development of formats capable of rehabilitating abandoned or underused areas, accompanying them from the analysis phase to the drafting of specific programs capable of including communities within a process that generates urban, social and cultural impact.

A multidisciplinary group under 30, made up of architects, designers and creatives gathered around Casa Periferica, a cultural park born from the regeneration of a former kindergarten and an ancient tuff quarry, today a creative center and community hub. Periferica organizes every year the international festival of urban regeneration which, since 2013, brings together associations, universities and companies to intervene on degraded areas through participatory processes.