The International Conference of Industrial Heritage – INCUNA 2013 -in Gijón (Principado de Asturias) Spain- is entitled “Maritime, River and Fishing Heritage”. Its objective is to present, reflect and discuss about a large agenda on maritime, river and fishing industrial heritage and the activities related with them, always from an interdisciplinary point of view: about identity, sustainability, technical and practices, history, architecture and town planning, transport, tourism, landscape and sustainability.

The themes of the tables, workshops, posters, papers and communications in this year 2013 will focus on:

  • The change of cities and villages. Historic port areas. Processing and preservation of industrial, cultural and natural heritage.
  • Maritime transport. History, Construction and Technology.
  • Port architecture, architectural and functional heritage.
  • Heritage of fishing, canning industry. Techniques and knowledge
  • Historic arsenals, Shipyards and wooden boats
  • River and lake heritage. Mills, Waterwheels…
  • Working Memory and technological and industrial heritage conservation.
  • Tangible and intangible activities generated around the sea and rivers. Gastronomy, Music, Folklore, Film, Place Names, Popular Arts, Photography, Archives, Inventories.
  • Maritime and River Heritage and its relationship to the landscape, the environment and sustainability.
  • Museums, interpretation centers and temporary and permanent exhibitions.
  • Underwater Archaeology
  • Spas. Identity and Culture. People of sea
  • Management of tourism and leisure. Creative and cultural industries

The 25th, 26th, and 27th of September, international, national and local communicators arrange to meet in a new way to show papers with participation of conference delegate and the audience. Papers, posters, round tables and workshops. On Saturday, the 28th of September, we will carry out a journey to Heritage spaces.

We will have too complementary activities like documentary projections, photography exhibitions and posters presentations.

The papers selected for the conference will be edited in a book, in “The eyes of the memory” collection. Volume no. 14.

For de acceptance of communications, posters and lectures must be required the previous sent of a summary or abstract about the content of it, with a maximum of 10 lines and with keywords. It must be delivered before the 10 of July of 2013. Once they will be evaluated for a commission of the Organizing and Scientific Committees, it will be communicated for their admission.

For the posters, the measures will be A-1 and with the following structure: a header with a title, authors names and contact, followed by an abstract, four photographs and ending with the conclusions.

The official languages for de XV International Conference of Industrial Heritage are Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian and French. The FINAL TEXTS of communications, posters and presentations take place before end September 6, 2013

INCUNA Program XV Congress Industrial Heritage 2013

XV Jornadas Internacionales Patrimonio Industrial/ INCUNA

Technical Secretary , Irene García, Contact: -mail: e

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