XVIII International Conference on Industrial Heritage, that this year will take place from  5th to 8 th October 2016  with the topic: ‘”REINVESTIGATING THE INDUSTRIAL PATRIMONY: A KEY OF A NEW TERRITORIAL DEVELOPMENT AND CULTURAL INTEGRATION. The organization is promoted by INCUNA (www.incuna.es), with the collaboration of different publics institutions.

The sessions will be inaugurated in Gijón (Asturias) on 5th October 2016. It is expected that the conference will be opened in “Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura» http://www.laboralciudaddelacultura.com/1/ciudad-de-la-cultura/14/espacios-y-usos/36/el-paraninfo.html

The Congress has  years of experience and is usually attended by around of 170 people from 15 different countries


On Saturday the 8th, we will do a journey through different places of representative industrial landscapes in Asturias.

This year the conference has four thematic sections:

5 th October Workshop.-Places to live, places to work

Reuse of industrial patrimony, memory and working cultures, industries, cultures, and creative

6 th October and 7 th October

Section 1.-New archaeological focuses and industrial patrimony

Patrimony at risk, territorial cohesion, and cultural diversity

Industrial patrimony and regional development

Patrimony, identity, territory

Section 2.- Industrial patrimony and urban economies

Authenticity rigor and integrity in the involvement with industrial patrimony

Local communities and civic participation in the management of industrial patrimony

The reuse of industrial patrimony, sustainability and circular business model, nothing gets thrown away.

Tourism Industrial

Section 3.-Networks and knowledge transmitions of patrimony. Reducing distances

New technologies and tools in architecture  and engineering applications in the conservation and management of patrimony

Digital humanity and industrial heritage

Virtual museums and industrial tourism on the horizon 2020

If you are agree, we will need an abstract about your intervention, and a brief CV and photo.

All papers and communications will be published in a book of our collection «The Eyes of Memory» (Volume 17).


Secretaria Técnica XVIII Jornadas INCUNA 2016



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