Here is the programme of the XXIV International Conference on Industrial Heritage organised by INCUNA, which lists the activities to be carried out with the sessions and timetables.

Programme XXIV International Conference INCUNA 2022

The format of the Congress is «hybrid», that is to say, it combines on-line and on-site participation, which in this 2022 edition is very important, recovering the tradition of the INCUNA Conference, whose objective is to have a meeting place for researchers, Institutions, professionals from different fields, interested or activists in the conservation and valorisation of industrial, cultural and natural heritage.
The theme of our call is «World Heritage. Industrial Sites and Public Works». From the local to the universal», will be held in different rooms of Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura in Gijón from 28 September to 1 October 2022.
If you have not yet registered to attend the sessions and activities programmed, either in person or online, there is still time to do so by accessing our website Registration.  




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